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We help business owners (you!) develop a 1:1 relationship with your customers, vendors and employees through mobile solutions. Stay connected from anywhere, all the time.

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Our ‘understand, assimilate, heal’ approach does wonders for our clients.

Mobile applications are typically designed to bring ease into a business process or address a business issue.

We develop mobile apps that quickly improve sales, encourage employees to follow the corporate plan, transform BizOps, and address the business challenges.



The SWOT analysis enables us to look from your perspective at your company model and offer a mobile app that precisely meets your product vision and business objectives.


Long before we create a single line of code, we will envision your mobile product. It enables our resources to learn from one other and they know what to expect at the coding stage. It enables you modify whatever you don't like and spares significant expenditures for iteration and refurbishment.


We propose and aid you in your decision on the sort of mobile app needed for your business and how you may cut costs by modifying the feature set, based on your needs in the discovery phase, the design workflow, the budget, and the timeframes. Native iOS & Android and cross-platform mobile applications are the alternatives to be chosen from and we guide you every step of the way.


On the basis of our understanding of your company needs, technology, budget and timeframes, we create your mobile application promptly and generally make a flawless first impression of the product. We have developed it from earlier phases. That is how we manage and mitigate your project’s inherent risks.

Test & Optimize

Quality Assistance teams assist developers fix issues and tell them how the front-end and back-end may be optimized. From 400 to 1270 preset test touch locations, we have identified.


The DevOps team provides the Project Manager with advise on deployment choices which combine efficiency and high performance. Use, access, security and scale are key aspects for decision making.

Looking for a place to start at?

If the answer is a definite yes, our one-day workshop is certainly an excellent opportunity for you.

Apps that you use on daily basis on your phone came into being as an idea that was nurtured into an MVP by companies like O2SOFT, and marketed by companies like yourself to increase adoption. We are offering you a chance to ask your questions .

How do you copy that? What is the best technological blend which will not break my MVP bank? Do I even have to have all the MVP features? So what characteristics do I need? What really wants my target audience? What's my audience target? What does my rival do? Who do they aim at, why, and how?

This one-day session is intended to answer these and more issues. Book immediately your session!

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Fixed Investment

This model ensues a fixed cost for the project and is recommended for leaders who have a deep understanding of their project scope.

Time & Material

Leaders and Founders who have yet to mature the scope of their project should consider this model of engagement with us.

Team Augmentation

Founders and leaders that already have an in-house development team, but aren’t able to scale the teams up in the timeframe required.

Tech Stack

Our tech stack is the most stable on the market.

As London’s leading mobile app development provider, we are able to work with dependable, strong and extensive support technologies.

We favor technology for our mobile apps in Facebook, Instagram, Sound Cloud, Tesla, Airbnb, Uber Eats and the like.

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