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At O2SOFT, we are all sure that we will get things right the first time. Over 200 real-world business problems have been solved, and hundreds of unique ideas have been brought to life in collaboration with executives and entrepreneurs. Our systems are well-aged, optimised for end-user engagement, and can work with or alongside the existing IT infrastructure

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We learnt the hard way that jumping into a project headfirst is a zero-sum game. It is now normal procedure for us to begin by conducting comprehensive interviews with our clients and end-users in order to have a thorough understanding of the state's current business issues. Creating a Software Development Plan, in our opinion, goes a long way toward ensuring that projects are successful.


The Project Scope is maintained and extensively documented by us since your team is constantly asked for information on various components of the jigsaw puzzle. When this condition is fulfilled, everything should move smoothly from here on out. This is the stage where we anticipate you becoming the most involved with our project team.


We leave nothing to chance because on-time delivery demands a huge number of moving parts working together smoothly. We get a signed hand-off from you to our project team, and for production, DevOps, and deployment, we use Agile Methodology. What is measured, is accomplished! Our team employs Agile methodology for production, DevOps, and deployment, and follows strict communication standards.

Value-addition at each step

We are a community of highly trained professionals that have a passion for creating new solutions that come plug-and-play. To design solutions that work effectively in real-world settings, we have mastered the art of aligning business requirements to the SDLC. Each of our corporate practices has its own team of people who understand the need of bringing consistency, lateral thinking, and a can-do attitude for every new build they undertake.

Services we offer
Web engineering entails much more than merely brainstorming design ideas and creating a visually attractive end product. Our staff have been educated to advise clients on industry standards as well as Google's best practices. Whenever these criteria are met, it instantly results in a modern age visitor experience that keeps them coming back to you.

When you've been in the market for as long as we have, you intuitively understand how to reduce project costs while maintaining quality and reliability of your product. A large-scale project doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank. Also, we understand it is already difficult for Startups to take off, and us sharing this knowledge with the Startup community is our way of giving back to the society.

How successfully business needs are translated into code determines the quality of innovation and value delivered. We think the customer is the most informed person about their business, therefore we ask relevant questions to get the insight we need to build scalable and reliable code. To us, building a business solutions without insights is a meaningless effort.

A simple, intuitive and engaging design dictates the overall user experience and user delight that drives revenue, brand loyalty and brand preference over competition. This is why business leaders view UX and CX as a competitive differentiator and invest millions of dollars every year, worldwide. Our Design Process helps capture your business requirements, use cases and helps our clients translate them into authentic and organic user experiences that captivate the users and drive them towards revenue generating activities.

Going through a bumpy patch?

We understand why it is difficult for Executives and Founders to choose the proper partner. The last thing you want is to dive head-first into a project with a partner you don't trust yet. With our complimentary One-day session, we can help you make it easier by verifying your concept and its practicality. Your take-away is the information on project cost, timeframe and targets, as well as the industry insights to enable you to pick better.

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They truly went above and beyond everything that we asked of them. In many ways it felt like they had become members of the team as they worked with us through a rigorous testing process to ensure that the app worked seamlessly.
AVERY FALLER, Co-founder & CTO
I cannot recommend O2SOFT enough. They have been fantastic to work with, reliable and very knowledgable about the whole App building and submission process.
A job well done. They are true professionals, quick to understand what is needed, thinks ahead, asks the right questions, responds quickly, and will do what it takes to ensure client satisfaction.
3Gen inc.
A great team to work with. Very flexible & understanding. They always made themselves available and provided great ideas in solving the many problems we encountered during the course of the project. Highly recommended!

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