Unlocking the digital potential of your business with custom mobile and web solutions.

We measure and meet your business needs digitally through solutions that have the potential to launch you into and sustain in the modern economy.

Modern tech for modern biz

We help executives and founders unlock the digital potential of their business through mobile and web technologies. Our work has launched online businesses, helped validate business ideas through MVPs, and gain control of their business operations through digital transformation.

As experts in technology, we leverage your business acumen to capture and transform your business needs and requirements into digital solutions that solve business challenges, streamline operations, boost productivity, and bring your commercial and service offerings into the hands and homes of your target audience.

See how we work Our tech stack

Web Engineering

Development of Web portals and web-based collaborative apps, as well as standalone websites is catered under the umbrella term of Web Engineering. Executives and Founders are reinventing their BizOps to match the break-neck pace at which the modern world does business, and intuitively realize that without automation, their competitors will have an unfair advantage over them.

We de-risk every project by following well defined steps.

Project Timeline

3 - 6 weeks

Resources Involved

Project Manager, Business & Technical Analyst, Lead Designer, Lead Developer (Full-Stack), FrontEnd Engineers, BackEnd Engineers, Deployment Engineers, DevOps Engineers.


Mobile Application Development

In 2021, modern customers are dictating the pace, the place, and the mode of doing business. There is a reason why small organizations with a digital core and mobile-first approach face negligible barriers to entry for shorter periods of time compared to those that follow a more traditional approach. Going national, or even international in some cases, building 1:1 relationships with your customers, and driving explosive sales has now become a function of your digital presence. Well rounded mobile apps are key to opening this door.

Project Timeline

12 - 20 weeks

Resources Involved

Project Manager, Business & Technical Analyst, Lead Designer, Lead Developer (Full-Stack), FrontEnd Engineers, BackEnd Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Deployment Engineers.


Custom Software Development

Traditional approach of “more workforce = more work” has long-since become extinct. In 2021, we are looking at a world that made 10 years worth of digital adoption in just over a year, because pandemic restrictions necessitated the pivot. To future-proof themselves, naturally selected businesses who survived this operational apocalypse are vying to find innovative ways to streamline BizOps, reduce manual ops to save costs and time, improve agility and productivity across the organization, and establish new digital revenue streams.

Project Timeline

24 - 36 Weeks

Resources Involved

Project Manager, Business & Technical Analyst, Lead Designer, Lead Developer (Full-Stack), FrontEnd Engineers, BackEnd Engineers, DevOps Engineers, BI Functional and Technical Analysts, Deployment Engineers - Cloud.


UI/UX Services

The apex of any relationship, business or personal, is a bond of loyalty that stands the tests of time, and trials of fire. The modern consumer mindset is to learn everything about a brand without knowing what the brand actually does - and the purchase decision is usually based on how well the brand “treats” them and how they “feel” towards it. We help our clients create simplistic designs that are human-centric and highly intuitive so they can drive a premium customer experience that matches the UX of global brands. We truly believe that experience is what drives revenue, retains clients over years, and builds brand loyalty.

Project Timeline

4 - 6 Weeks

Resources Involved

Project Manager, Business & Technical Analyst, Lead Database Engineer, Lead Data Analyst, DevOps Engineers, BI Functional and Technical Analysts, Cloud Engineers.


Our nature of work has taken us far and wide, and we have had the pleasure of serving over 50 verticals in 7 countries. Working under this business model meant that we would be able to develop deep technical skills within the technologies we work with without being industry-specific and we made a conscious choice.

To strengthen the gap, we devised a clear and measured approach to capture business requirements and trap them within the code. The digital solutions that we thus devise work for your business users, customers and vendors, all the while measuring progress, driving revenue, improving core efficiencies and supporting business ops.

Case Studies


Online Retail





Real Estate

Technology Portfolio

The experience that we want to build for our customers requires a stack that offers us critical options such as flexibility, robustness and quickness of delivery. Over the years, we have been constantly adopting new and moving away from more traditional technologies to keep ourselves in sync with ‘now’ and ‘future’. These technologies below represent the best-of-breed mix of our choice.

Web Frontend Development
swift React Js
fastlane Angular
xctests Vue.Js
xcode Next.Js
xcode Php
xcode Laravel
iOS app development
swift Swift
fastlane Fastlane
xcode React Native
xctests XCTests
xcode Xcode
Android app development
kotlin Kotlin
java Java
xcode React Native
espresso Espresso
android-studio Android Studio
Backend development
rails NodeJs
node .Net Core
node Ruby on Reils
firebase Firebase
rails MySql
node Mongo DB
node PostgreSql
rails PowerBI
node Tableau
aws AWS
google Google Cloud
travis Digital Ocean
jenkins Azure
jenkins On Prem

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Workshop details

$10 Million

Revenue earned

200 +

Web and Mobile products,
10+ Enterprise products,
10+ Featured products


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