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Business requirements are built into our mobile applications. Paired with a delightful UX and an intuitive interface, the over experience delivered converts your users in to fans.

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Well-thought-out applications demand comprehensive study, a strong basis of knowledge and care. Our cross-functional teams work together to provide your users and customers with personalised experiences that help build a 1:1 relationship between them and the company.

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We feel that this is the most important aspect of the project. So, in order to ensure quality, we bring in our finest professionals to gather business requirements and map out client needs and wishes in our one-day workshop.


1 -3 weeks


Scope of Work Document, Wireframes, Workflows, Solution Design, Estimated Effort (timeline) and Financial Investment, and Project Team.

Resources Involved

Business Analyst, Design Lead, Project Lead



A Scope of Work document is the by-product of Discovery sessions. The scope is then passed on to our design team, who collaborate with the business analyst and designers to produce proof of concept.


2 weeks


Wireframes, Workflows, Solution Design, Estimated Effort (timeline) and Financial Investment, and Project Team.

Resources Involved

Business Analyst, Design Lead, Project Lead



In order to deliver our projects with a DevOps team, we employ the scrum based Agile approach to test every new feature added to the next sprint. For you, this means faster and error-free delivery while saving time and money.


4 Months


Working app

Resources Involved

Full-Stack Leads, Front- and Back-end resources, QA teams

Our Experience

We've produced over 200 mobile app development projects that have catapulted enterprises into the growth-hacking stage in an average time of 8 months after acquiring the solution. We are quite strong in terms of technology, and anything we cannot accomplish, we have pre-qualified partners lined up to perform the hard work. We pay our employees and partners well in order to give you with a one-stop shop experience that exclusively offers high-quality products. Our 12 years of experience designing mobile apps has taught us a few strategies and allowed us to create a GitHub bank that allows us to deliver our project swiftly and at a flexible cost.

Our solution enables millions of fans worldwide to consume news, radio broadcasts, video content, and fantasy league daily. Our mobile application has been scaled to cater more than 100 million+ users worldwide, all of which have access to the online fan store and in-app purchases.

Our solution is a custom-take on off-the-shelf solutions that are too costly for a VSB or an SMB to purchase an implement. Our solution is masked as a Student Community Hub app that allows our client to keep tabs on the sentiments of their student-base and make informed decisions in a timely manner.

This is a reverse ordering app, with more features than OpenTable, that allows the business owners to maximize their on-prem bookings. We came up with this idea during our 1-day workshop with the client, who was late to tech-adoption. With the pivot to dine-in on the rise, it didn’t make sense for us to advise our client on investing in a run-of-the-mill ordering app.

Tech Stack

We create mobile apps that are nimble but sturdy, adaptable and well-crafted, and that the end user enjoys using. We solely provide Native mobile application development services to ensure quality. However, if the client requests it and performance is unimportant, we have a separate team that develops Cross Platform mobile applications. These include situations in which the client wishes to validate the concept through a Proof of Concept, an MVP, or a V1.

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