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One in three software initiatives is unsuccessful because the project was never de-risked.

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Risk is unavoidable; it can only be mitigated. Let’s discuss this approach in detail.

Who do you think is accountable for the failure of a customized software shop project and for the de-risking of the project before it starts?

The right answer is ‘everyone’. It’s a cultural shift if you think about it and this is what we bring to the table. Our open communication strategy allows everyone to become accountable immediately; from your side and ours.

The result is a world-class



Each company has its own unique strategy to address the difficulties and possibilities. We like sitting with our customers, mapping them and then trying to duplicate them in our individual software solutions.


We avoid being shocked when the stakes are high. We sketch it on the paper and offer it to you when we know what you want. Even before writing a single line of code, this will help you see your solution and it is the perfect moment to propose improvements. This visual assistance also helps to know exactly what to code throughout the development phase of the project.


Custom projects are not cheap, but we do our utmost to optimize your expenses by providing the finest mix of resources, technologies, features, models of commitment and working conditions. Before and after optimization, you can see the difference plainly.


Since we are aware of what you want and what we have to do, everything becomes streamlined from there on out. This method puts us in a unique position to deliver with speed, reliability and maintain quality throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Test & Optimize

QA teams assist developers address issues and advise how both mobile and network solutions may optimize the front-end and back-end of the product. Web apps like portals are also included. Our experts go through 1200 to 2,500 preset touchpoints in their QA effort and leave no stone unturned.


The DevOps team works with the project manager and your product manager on deployment solutions that combine performance, robustness, safety and scalability.

How to reduce bird strike on a project mid-flight?

We can help you derisk your existing IT ecosystem and projects underway through our One-day Workshop.

As organizations evolve and mature, so do the workgroup silos it houses. At a certain age of the organization, these silos start contributing to delays, errors and omissions, lack of visibility and eventually loss of control. How do you gain the control back without ruffling feathers?

In this one-day session, all these questions and more are answered. Book your appointment today; it’s on the house.

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Fixed Investment

This model ensues a fixed cost for the project and is recommended for leaders who have a deep understanding of their project scope.

Time & Material

Leaders and Founders who have yet to mature the scope of their project should consider this model of engagement with us.

Team Augmentation

Founders and leaders that already have an in-house development team, but aren’t able to scale the teams up in the timeframe required.

Tech Stack

Ours is the most stable tech stack on the market.

As a premium software development company in London, we tend to pick technologies that keep us ahead of the curve in the market. This is an added benefit for our clients because their digital assets inherently come with a long shelf life.

We favor technology for our mobile apps in Facebook, Instagram, Sound Cloud, Tesla, Airbnb, Uber Eats and the like.

Web Frontend Development
swift HTML 5
fastlane CSS 3
xctests JavaScript
xcode React Js
xcode Angular
iOS app development
swift Swift
fastlane Fastlane
xcode React Native
xctests XCTests
xcode Xcode
Android app development
kotlin Kotlin
java Java
xcode React Native
espresso Espresso
android-studio Android Studio
Backend development
rails NodeJs
node .Net Core
node Ruby on Reils
firebase Firebase
rails MySql
node Mongo DB
node PostgreSql
aws AWS
google Google Cloud
travis Digital Ocean
jenkins Azure
jenkins On Prem

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